Careers at AppGyver

We're creating the tools that will be used to build the next 10 million apps.

There’s an app revolution underway

Digitalization is changing the way we work and mobility is leading the disruptive charge. In the coming years there will be demand for millions of purpose-built apps for businesses around the world. Coding these apps will be too resource intensive. Companies across the Global 2000 are racing to find easier, scalable ways to meet the rising demand of mobile and multi channel enterprise apps.

AppGyver is passionate about transforming the way apps are developed helping firms succeed in their digital transformations. And we are looking for candidate to bring our “next gen” mobile development platform to the US market. Our platform, Composer, combines a fast and powerful visual tool with a full Mobile-Backend-as-a-Service offering, allowing developers to get 90% of their business-critical apps done in hours.

AppGyver emerged from a widely adopted freemium app builder. With over 200,000 users we’ve learned much and have built enterprise grade functionality into the platform. Dozens of enterprises have joined our paying customer ranks in this first year selling the Enterprise suite. As we grow to we’re looking for top performers to join our world class here in the United States. Our offices are based in San Francisco and Helsinki. Ideal candidates for US positions will be located in the Bay Area and able to commute our offices. We will consider remote US candidates with a proven track record of performing remotely.

Open Business Positions, Bay Area USA

Sales Development Reps (Bay Area, CA)

AppGyver is looking for ambitious and energetic Sales Development Representatives SDR to help land and expand our clientele base in the United States. The ideal candidates will have a minimum of three (3) years experience and will possess the creativity and dedication to create and execute outbound email and calling campaigns. The aim of the effort is to cultivate interest and identify opportunities for Account Executives.

The goal is to accelerate pipeline development by bringing AppGyver to companies who are undertaking mobile initiatives. To this end, the BDR will work closely with marketing to ensure his/her efforts leverage relevant messaging, offers, and other marketing activities. The ultimate objective being to spark interest and engagement with prospects in the form of an introductory meeting scheduled with the contact and an Account Executive.

The BDR will often be the first point of contact between AppGyver and prospective clients, so they must have strong interpersonal communication skills. They should have a demonstrated track record of being able to engage with companies, to learn about their needs, to cultivate interest in how AppGyver can help, and to get them engaged with AppGyver. Finally, they should have a passion for closing meetings with qualified and interested contacts as well as the drive and tenacity to overachieve growth marketing goals on this front.

BDR Responsibilities

  • Conduct research to identify new markets, adoption/buying trends and customer needs
  • Work with marketing in creating outbound campaigns around this research
  • Execute and track multi-touchpoint email and calling campaigns
  • Tests and iterate messages and tactics to raise connect, engagement, qualification and meeting booking rates
  • Engage and qualify prospects and set a formal introduction meeting for Account Executives
  • 70% outbound to new market segments, companies and/or contacts; 30% Account and deal focused outbound prospecting (hyper targeting) where interest has been expressed but path to a deal not yet identified
  • Schedule 10 intro meetings per week with qualified and/or interested prospects

Required Experience and Skills

  • Motivated to hustle and exceed goals increasing annual earnings accordingly
  • Proficient with sales development and campaign tools to scale efforts and exceed goals
  • Strong time management skills - using and building systems for staying on top of your work
  • Strong written and communications skills
  • Strong collaboration skills with Marketing and Sales personnel
  • BA/BS Degree
  • Successful Experience doing sales development at SaaS, PaaS, Mobility, or Web/Mobile Developer Tools provider
  • Successful experience and passion for working in growth stage start up

AppGyver offers competitive salary, bonus and equity compensation with equity, healthcare benefits, and a super fun, challenging and rewarding work environment where strong performers are rewarded with growth opportunities to contribute in bigger ways.

Please send your applications to

Open Business Positions, Helsinki

Please send your applications to We promise an opportunity to work with exciting business cases from companies large and small, with room to grow into leadership positions in your area of expertise.

Sales Engineer (Helsinki, Finland)

You will work with the EMEA sales team, bringing to the table your IT knowhow, communications panache and HTML5 coding skills. You will help close sales and keep existing customers happy with the right mix of salesmanship, consultation and problem solving.

Some of the things you will be working on include:

  • Joining sales meetings as a technical expert of the AppGyver platform
  • Creating Proof-of-Concept and demo apps for specific customers and verticals with our visual Composer tool
  • Using HTML5 to code up new backend and frontend components to extend the visual app building platform’s functionalities
  • Answering customers’ technical questions (or deferring them to the development team), both in initial sales meetings and throughout the course of the customer relationship
  • Consulting the customer on how their technological stack and architecture would fit AppGyver’s platform, possibly via workshops
  • Helping customers hone their existing app ideas to be a better fit for both the AppGyver platform and the business problem at hand

We’re looking for you if you

  • Have an analytical and sales-oriented mindset
  • Love working with people and customers
  • Have excellent oral and written communications skills in Finnish
  • Have good oral and written communications skills in English
  • Have at least junior-level HTML5 coding skills
  • Understand (enterprise) IT architecture on a high level. This means concepts like access rights, users and user groups, databases, ERP systems, private and public networks, APIs etc – enough to be able to look at an architecture diagram and understand what’s going on.

Extra points if you have

  • Sales experience (any part of the funnel)
  • Experience with various enterprise integration methods (REST/SOAP/other APIs, SQL databases, different ERP systems like SAP/Maximo)
  • Experience with enterprise mobilization
  • Experience with mobile apps (specifically hybrid HTML5)

Open Developer Positions

Send your application to We promise awesome challenges and the opportunity to grow into a leadership position in one or more areas of the product.

As a new member of our development team, we expect you to have:

  • Holistic approach to problem-solving
  • Attitude to always deliver
  • Mindset of constant improvement and learning
  • Passion for your craft

We know artisan engineering is not about years of experience with specific technologies; it’s more about possessing the qualities listed above. Mastery of everything in our platform is not essential.

To give you an idea of our stack, some of the technologies and services we use include AngularJS, SASS, Node.js, ES6, TypeScript, Ruby on Rails, Heroku, Docker, PostgreSQL, AWS, MongoDB, Redis, web components, and much more. We’re also happy to hear your recommendations on the best tools for the job.

Backend Developer (Helsinki, Finland)

You will be developing our backend stack that includes over 20 cloud-deployed microservices. Our public cloud offering is deployed on Heroku, with Docker containers available for private cloud and on-premise installations for our enterprise customers.

Our backend:

  • Delivers apps to iOS, Android and web client devices (both binary and over-the-air)
  • Provides the middleware/proxy for app data, scaling to millions of concurrent users
  • Orchestrates our Node-RED based cloud code environment, responsible for data transformations, backend automations and more
  • Allows any connected data source (from APIs to SaaS services to databases) to be queried with GraphQL
  • Handles ACL and users management, including full organization support
  • ...and much more

We’re looking for you if you

  • Are familiar with modern backend design patterns, including microservice architecture
  • Can write maintainable and testable code that gets the job done
  • Speak and write fluent English

Extra points if you have

  • Experience with Heroku, AWS, Google Cloud and similar IaaS/PaaS providers
  • Worked with highly scalable microservice architecturectures
  • Designed and/or built APIs (REST or otherwise)
  • Fluent oral and written Finnish skills

Frontend Developer (Helsinki, Finland)

You will be working with the user-facing parts of our platform using HTML5. For the most part, this means Composer, the app builder at the heart of the AppGyver platform.

Composer lets developers:

  • Craft app UI, page structure and navigation with drag-and-drop
  • Bind and manage data references to be used in the apps
  • Create frontend app logic chains and new logic actions (such as calling APIs, interacting with data and accessing native device functionalities)
  • Build and manage the HTML5 components (such as buttons, sliders and image galleries) that form the building blocks for apps
  • Browse and manage app data from an admin interface
  • Configure backend integrations in a wizard-like manner
  • Tweak app design with a web-based CSS editor Create if-this-then-that-style rules for our automation engine
  • Configure and request standalone binaries from our cloud Build Service

Many parts of our platform are due for a version 2 revamp of both functionality and UI design, so there will be plenty of space for your creative input.

We’re looking for you if you

  • Are familiar with HTML5 and modern frontend frameworks
  • Have experience in building excellent user interfaces
  • Love crafting great developer experience
  • Can write maintainable and testable code that gets the job done
  • Speak and write fluent English

Extra points if you have

  • Graphical design experience
  • Mobile app UI/UX design experience
  • Experience building complex SPAs
  • Fluent oral and written Finnish skills

App Developer (Helsinki, Finland)

You will be working in our Professional Services unit, delivering consultation and turn-key app projects for our customers using the AppGyver Platform toolset. While most of the app can be constructed visually, you will code any missing components with HTML5. The pace is fast; projects typically last only some tens of hours with even shorter cycles for customer feedback.

We’re looking for you if you

  • Have at least junior-level understanding of HTML5, with knowledge of at least one modern frontend framework
  • Love crafting great user experiences
  • Speak and write fluent English

Extra points if you have

  • Experience with mobile app design
  • Experience with coding mobile apps (especially hybrid HTML5)
  • Worked on agile software projects
  • UI/graphical design skills
  • Fluent oral and written Finnish skills