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Composer Modules

We know visual tools can be limiting. With Composer, we set out to create a way for developers to code their way around any roadblock. We also wanted to make it easy for everyone to utilize the custom features that are built.

The result is Composer Modules: self-contained, customizable building blocks, like Ruby gems or Node modules.

Code once, use anywhere

The Composer Modules work seamlessly in web and mobile apps, using the same source code. You can use and reuse your Composer Modules in your own app projects, or share them with your team. Be the developer hero!

You can also help the entire AppGyver community to build better apps by sharing your Modules with others. With our upcoming Module Marketplace, you can even get money for your best creations – if you’re interested to learn more, contact us!

Best of Both Worlds

Build visually

  • Create the whole app end-to-end with drag-and-drop
  • Utilize all features of our fully maintained Platform-as-a-Service
  • Deliver powerful apps in a fraction of regular development time

Add your code

  • Craft new and powerful UI modules using Steroids and Supersonic
  • Interact directly with user and app data via JavaScript APIs
  • Utilize any JS/CSS libraries you like
Extend on all levels

Don’t worry – we do let you get your hands dirty. You can extend every layer of the Composer stack with your own code.


Code custom connectors to bring in data from new sources. Create custom auth. Free business information from the depths of your clients’ legacy systems.



Develop HTML5 modules to display, visualize and interact with app data in new ways. Craft powerful stand-alone features to enhance app functionalities.


Run cloud code based on events in your app. Perform computations and transform your incoming or outgoing data, interact with external services and much more.

Deliver faster than anyone

There are times when it’s best to code mostly from scratch. Other times, a speedier approach is preferable. With Composer, you can skip the boring, repetitive parts and deliver complex app projects faster. You can serve more clients and make bigger profits.

Composer also offers a new business model for developers. With our partner program, you can charge for development hours as before, but also decide on a monthly license fee and get 50% of all recurring revenue. The burden of maintaining the app is on us – you can focus on delivering unique solutions.

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