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Core Skills Videos

Working with Data

Define a new resource in your app’s cloud database. Integrate existing data from a REST API.

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Creating the UI

Craft your UI visually with the Interface Builder. Attach data and logic to pages.

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Using Modules

Use Modules to include complete features like Chat or Tasks into your app.

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Create Automation rules to build workflows and automate common tasks.

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Tutorial Videos

SAP integration with Cloud Mesh

Build a custom integration that fetches product data from SAP to a mobile app.

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SQL integration with Cloud Mesh

Build a custom integration that fetches employee data from a SQL database to a mobile app.

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Azure Active Directory Custom Authentication

Build a mobile auth flow against Azure Active Directory in minutes.

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Dynamics 365 Integration

Build a view to display and create leads, integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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Cloud Mesh Custom Authentication

Use existing accounts from any backend system, including Active Directory. Build custom auth criteria from any combo of rules.

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Custom API Queries

Learn how to input custom query parameters for an API, and then display the results in a list.

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Using Local Variables

Create a simple timer using component data binding and local variables.

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Custom Centered Image Component

Learn how to create a custom, reusable HTML5 component that shows a centered image.

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Show HTTP Response on Page

Learn how to use Composer to make a HTTP request on page load, and show the response in your app.

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Module Videos


Attach tasks to your data records and manage all tasks on an overview page.

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Collaborate around your data by adding Comments for each data record.

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Multi-Column List

Show a list where each item displays multiple data fields.

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Map Marker

Visualize address and location data for your records on an embedded Google Maps.

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