Sell apps, solve business problems and collect recurring revenue

Identify opportunity

Draft your app solution

Sell with an MVP

Deliver final app

Collect recurring revenue

Resell to others

1. Identify opportunity

Composer lets you add value to almost any business process: for inspiration, see our list of use cases.

Be creative: when coming up with your app idea, you should consider both your clients' business problems, as well as unre- solved pain points that affect the entire industry.

2. Draft your app solution

Once you know what you're going to build, you can have the app running on real devices in minutes. A viable first version can be built in hours.

You can use in-app mockups to demo features that need custom development, and add real or mock data to bring concreteness into how the app functions.

3. Sell with an MVP

The app can be immediately used by your client. This allows them to buy your solution with confidence and trust: no more decisions based only on wireframes and feature definitions.

With Composer's development speed and over-the-air updates, getting feedback from the client and iterating on your design is fast and pleasant.

4. Deliver final app

As you're finalizing and fine-tuning the app with your client, AppGyver is there to help you in designing and building your solution. We'll make sure your project is successful, and you can even request custom features from us.

When you’re done, you can distribute the app securely to your client with just a few clicks.

5. Collect recurring revenue

You get to decide the monthly license fee for your client on your own. We take care of maintenance, updates, backups and everything else needed to keep the app running smoothly. You get part of all recurring revenue.

You can also charge your client extra for setup, upkeep, support, training or other services – and keep 100% of those fees.

6. Resell to others

It's likely that others would benefit from what you've built. This is why you can turn your app into a solution template that allows you to easily resell the same app to your existing and new clients – with modifications for each customer, if needed.

We even allow partners to white label their apps and turn them into full SaaS products.

Reseller Program Highlights

As an AppGyver Reseller Partner, you get access to these benefits and more:


Gain more trust with clients as an AppGyver Certified Partner


Focus on closing deals by using our expertly crafted sales materials


Get fast-lane answers to all your questions


As the platform evolves, upsell all the new features

“We are truly happy with what Composer has enabled us to do: digitalize a core data collection process in a very conservative field. We’ve been able to create a whole new software product ourselves, without having to hire coders. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with AppGyver and they’ve given us awesome support. Going forward, we’ve got great plans to expand our app's feature set. With Composer, we know we won’t hit a brick wall.”

Jukka Huttunen, Chief Science Officer, ExitWire
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