Turn business process diagrams into powerful apps


Mobilize Every Process
  • Design your processes using drag-and-drop
  • Work with familiar concepts like starting points, gateways and tasks
  • Define what employees need to do as part of the process
  • Implement and publish your process with one click

Processes Gone Mobile

The New Way to Facilitate and Guide Your Processes
  • Web and mobile apps tell employees exactly what to do at each point of the process
  • Eliminate unnecessary emails, calls and meetings
  • Keep everyone synced with push notifications and reminders
  • Optimize efficiency throughout the organization
  • Automatically orchestrate input needed from people and decisions to be made


Collaboration Exactly Where It's Needed
  • Get a quick overview of all ongoing cases
  • Monitor progress and immediately identify hold-ups
  • Delegate, prioritize and reschedule tasks
  • Move cases forward faster with in-app collaboration

Analyze and Improve

Full Analytics for Your Human Processes
  • Never-seen-before visibility into what's happening in your company
  • Instantly see how long each step takes to complete
  • Identify and eliminate bottlenecks
  • Perform granular analysis with full activity logs
  • Make informed decisions about changing your processes